2022.1.24–2022.2.18 Bi-Weekly Report Updated


R&D Progress

Current progress

Continuous technical perfection of INT main chain

● Study the route of INT 4.0 mainnet EVM upgrade (63%)

● Optimizing INT 4.0 code

Perfection of INT wallet and Explorer

● Optimizing the mainnet 4.0 Web wallet

● Exploring the mobile wallet-smart wallet reconstruction plan, consider upgrading to a multi-chain wallet compatible with INT 4.0 (53%)

● Optimizing INT 4.0 block explorer

● Titans Explorer added section of total fees burned in INT.

The function of INT synthetic assets

● Start the process of designing the technical implementation solutions of the synthetic assets (38%).

● Research and development of the smart contract for synthetic assets (28%)


● Metadata save on IPFS network.

● Optimizing website to speed up user access.

Activity operation

Current progress

Released a sticker contest to celebrate INT BOX Newest version pre-launch on January 25th

We received a lot of creative submissions for the sticker contest, TOP 3 winner selected by a community vote in official TG. Congratulation to the winner!

INT Forum went live on January 27th

INT forum is a place to discuss skills, knowledge, and interests. We encourage users to voice their own opinion and feel free to add related topics to the forum post.

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The total number of INT burned is much higher. This adres contains 39M of burned INT tokens.

A part is because unswapped tokens (ERC-20 to native INT) has been burned due to community vote.

The total supply has been reduced already with ~4%. This number goes up in the future with the implementation of INT-1559. The more INT is used the more is burned.

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The IPFS network that is being used can be found here.