2022.3.21–2022.4.1 Bi-Weekly Report Updated


R&D Progress

Current progress

Continuous technical perfection of INT main chain

● Study the route of INT 4.0 mainnet EVM upgrade (69%)

● Optimizing INT 4.0 code

Perfection of INT wallet and Explorer

● Optimizing the mainnet 4.0 Web wallet

● Exploring the mobile wallet-smart wallet reconstruction plan, consider upgrading to a multi-chain wallet compatible with INT 4.0 (59%)

● Optimizing INT 4.0 block explorer

The function of INT synthetic assets

● Start the process of designing the technical implementation solutions of the synthetic assets (44%).

● Research and development of the smart contract for synthetic assets (34%)

Activity operation

Current progress

New Telegram Channel

The @ INT_service2 Telegram admin account has been hacked. Please do not click any links to mints or anything else coming from this account. If ever in doubt, please DO NOT CLICK. In response to our telegram account being compromised, we have created a new Official INT Channel. Please join the new channel.

AMA at the New Telegram Channel

Join us next Wednesday, April 6 at 12:00 pm (UTC), Freddy Yin (Head of INT China) will be in Live Telegram AMA with the INT community, the questions will be collected from Twitter’s comment section.