2022.3.7–2022.3.18 Bi-Weekly Report Updated


R&D Progress

Current progress

Continuous technical perfection of INT main chain

● Study the route of INT 4.0 mainnet EVM upgrade (67%)

● Optimizing INT 4.0 code

Perfection of INT wallet and Explorer

● Optimizing the mainnet 4.0 Web wallet

● Exploring the mobile wallet-smart wallet reconstruction plan, consider upgrading to a multi-chain wallet compatible with INT 4.0 (57%)

● Optimizing INT 4.0 block explorer

The function of INT synthetic assets

● Start the process of designing the technical implementation solutions of the synthetic assets (42%).

● Research and development of the smart contract for synthetic assets (32%)

Activity operation

Current progress

New Validator- Hash and Evolution

We would like to congratulate Hash and Evolution for becoming new candidates for the INT Chain and INT Foundation support each of these nodes with 1,000,000 votes under the Node Support Program. The first phase of the node support program is completed! Organizations and individuals with the same interests get ready for the next phase.


GameFi Protocol Meow box airdrop to INT community

To strengthen the interaction between the two communities, the GameFi Protocol airdrop event exclusive for the INT community kicked off on March 14th, duration:4 days. Congratulations to all winners, the prize will be distributed within 1 week.


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