2022.4.18–2022.4.29 Bi-Weekly Report Updated


R&D Progress

Current progress

The function of INT synthetic assets

Suspend the technical implementation design of synthetic assets and R&D of smart contracts for synthetic assets until Q3 2022.

Game Development on INT chain

● Game interface design: world view construction, character, scene, and hero design. (5%)

● Development and deployment of game contracts: including trading contracts, mining contracts, and hero contracts. (5%)

Shared Power Bank

● Development of hardware device: development and design of hardware device. (80%)

● Interaction of Dapps in INT chain: User interaction, prototyping, payment scheme design, etc. (5%)

Activity operation

Current progress

Roadmap for 2022 updated on April 20
INT team has recalibrated the future direction of INT, defining a route from Q2 2022-Q4 2022.


Web Wallet Will Stop Supporting Token Swaps From 30 June 2022
With mainnet 4.0 running smoothly for more than half a year now, the INT foundation has decided to terminate the operation of mainnet 3.0. Users should pay attention to what version of INT they hold and complete any necessary mapping before June 30.2022. It is your responsibility to avoid any losses caused by not completing the mapping on time.

Online meeting on April 21
Freddy (Head of INT China) held an online video meeting with INT administrators from different Telegram channels.

INT Digital Asset Brief Report in the Second Half of 2021
INT Digital Asset Brief Report in the Second Half of 2021 was released on April 26th.


Launched $300,000 Game-fi Incentives Grant program
Together with GamefiProtocol, the INT chain announces the launch of the $300,000 Game-fi Incentives Grant program.