2022.5.16–2022.5.27 Bi-Weekly Report Updated


R&D Progress

Current progress

Game Development on INT chain

● Game interface design: world view construction, character, scene, and hero design. (15%)

● Development and deployment of game contracts: including trading contracts, mining contracts, and hero contracts. (15%)

Shared power bank

● Development of hardware device: development and design of hardware device. (85%)

● Interaction of Dapps in INT chain: User interaction, prototyping, payment scheme design, etc. (15%)

Activity operation

Current progress

Partnership Announcement

To celebrate our new partnership with Paladin Pandas, we are giving away 10,000 locked-in $BAMB and 5,000 rental tickets to 5 lucky winners among our Twitter followers.


INT discord updated

INT will be placing a big emphasis on nurturing its community in Discord, there are some exciting updates to facilitate a better user experience and a guide for newbies on how to get involved.