INT Digital Asset Brief Report in the Second Half of 2021


The INT project (hereinafter referred to as “the project”), based on the principles of transparency and traceability, will regularly disclose the use of INT digital asset to all supporters.

All digital assets issued by the INT Foundation (hereinafter referred to as “INT”) will be strictly done in accordance with the Foundation’s distribution plan, mainly used for the construction and development of the Foundation’s community ecosystem, such as technology research and development, community operation and maintenance, business cooperation, and marketing.

1, Overview of INT Chain operations management

(1)Operation report in the second half of 2021

1, The infrastructure of INT 4.0

The INT4.0 mainnet was officially launched and the cross-chain bridge was released to support internal cross-chain movements between INT chain, Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain. Blockscouts browser was also released to support smart contract verification. The new 4.0 web wallet added MetaMask support and our own NFT trading platform, INTbox, was also officially launched in Q4 2021.

2, The development of applications in the INT chain ecosystem

In the past six months, we have launched INTGrant, formed partnerships with VipSwap and GFI, and have made close contacts with many DAPPs projects. During this time we also joined the China Mobile IoT Alliance.

(2) Plan for the first half of 2022

1, Issue NFT asset and products on multiple chains.

2, INT economic model optimization.

3, Release of IoT hardware device (shared power bank).

4, Deploy INT Grant support funds to support gamefi cooperation and development.

5, Release INT Dao based on community governance.

2, Digital asset spending report in the second half of 2021

(1)Internet Node Token spending report until the end of Q4 2021

The total supply of INT is 1 billion INT, with 39.72 million burnt. The distribution and spending plan of the remaining INT is as follows:

First Wallet Address: 0xEED90Cec20e0c502189BAF0eA725097E94f62553, stores 78 million INT reserved by the Foundation, mainly used for Foundation-led R&D, technology iteration, project development and node rewards;

Second Wallet Address: 0x3310B63d81b558e0A2923FeE5ed9f2018E9fb798, stores 67 million INT, mainly used for marketing and business cooperation of the project;

Third Wallet Address: 0xfE94152546d6b19eFc48bd6fBBC9A982C67a0292, stores 30 million INT, mainly used for strategic investment on third parties, development of partnerships and other issues.

Forth Wallet Address: 0xdECC8571df8aC62030a0532905B60D71c09b059B, 87 million INT is reserved in this address, mainly used for community ecosystem construction (such as community developer incentives, application incubation and various activities).

Fifth Wallet Address: 0xA163C6997A09AE5C17c3A8618aF530cD939a5Af7, 70 million INT is reserved for the team, which has never been released.

(2)BTC spending report by the end of Q4 2021

By the end of December 31, 2021, INT used a total of 7.5 BTC (BTC anchor price: $40,000), which was half the budgeted amount of 15 BTC. These results exceeded expectations. The details are as follows:


3, Budget for Q1 2022-Q2 2022

In the first half of 2022, the estimated expenditure is approximately 13 BTC (some expenditures are anchored to fiat currency so actual expenditure will vary with the fluctuation of the BTC market price). These include but are not limited to:


INT Foundation

April 26, 2022