INT ✖ Gamefi Protocol Mystery Box Coming Soon



Panda Freddy is an exclusive NFT dedicated to the continued prosperity of the INT community. Initially created by the community itself, Panda Freddy is like a medal, giving community members a special identity. This identity can be used for community DAO governance, participating in activities, and receiving Airdrop rewards.


Alliance’s Privilege:

● Airdrops: Various airdrop rewards can be obtained based on the amounts and levels of NFT holdings.

● Community Governance: Participate in voting on major INT decisions and obtain conference passes.

Expert’s Privilege:

● Pledge mining: Participate in pledge mining.

IGO: Early-stage IGO allocation of high-quality projects on the INT chain.

Explorer’s Privilege:

Hardware device: INT Chain hardware beta testing, with the opportunity to test the first batch of products.

White list: INT chain’s game beta testing and initial whitelist allocation.

Glory Privilege:

Contains all of the above roles privileges.

Easter eggs: Hidden privileges will be unlocked in the future.


Mining Rewards

Based on Hashrate and their corresponding rank, users can participate in GFI mining with a total value of $2000.

Token Rewards

● Users with N, R, and SR cards can share in a $1500 equivalent INT prize pool.

● Users with N, R, SR, SSR cards can share in a $2500 equivalent INT prize pool.

The Distribution and Spending Plan

Each transaction charges 10% of the transaction amount as a handling fee. 5% of it will be used for the operation of the NFT trading platform, and the other 5% will be given to artists as creator fees.

The date for the official launch of the Mystery box will be announced soon, stay tuned!

If you have any questions please contact us:

Telegram: Telegram: Contact @INTchain_officialtelegram