Web Wallet Will Stop Supporting Token Swaps From 30 June 2022


Since Mainnet 4.0 launched in August 2021, INT Chain released the 4.0 token and commenced the token swap process from 3.0 tokens to Mainnet 4.0 tokens. To date, the token swap process has been a great success, with many 3.0 token holders safely and conveniently completing the swap via the web wallet mapping window.

The INT token swap is expected to be completed on schedule. Therefore, the token swap period will not be extended and INT foundation will close all official token swap channels as scheduled on 30 June 2022.

Please note that in the future INT Chain WILL NOT support 3.0 tokens. INT foundation has decided to terminate the operation of Mainnet 3.0. All 3.0 token holders should complete the necessary mapping to Mainnet 4.0 tokens before June 30, 2022. It is your responsibility to avoid losses caused by not completing the mapping on time.

Mapping window: https://wallet.intchain.io/titansmapping.html?lan=en

If you have more questions about the token swap, please refer to:

If you still have questions, please ask the community in our Telegram group:

We thank you for your understanding, patience and constant support.

INT Chain