INT chain will stop supporting the 3.0 explorer from 25 Aug 2022


In April, INT foundation began laying out the plans to terminate the operation of Mainnet 3.0 and announced that the Web Wallet will stop supporting token swaps from 30 June 2022.

Today, INT Foundation is taking further steps to terminate the operation of Mainnet 3.0 by removing support for the 3.0 explorer.

INT development team will no longer provide support for INT 3.0 Mainnet explorer from 25 Aug 2022. This means that after the above dates, users will be unable to connect to the 3.0 explorer and Mainnet 3.0.

We recommend that users use the 4.0 explorer or INT Blockscouts Explorer on Mainnet 4.0 for better compatibility and scalability.

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INT 4.0 Explorer:
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