Question-and-Answer session organized by INT telegram administrators (Round 3)

Recently, Our Telegram administrators collected questions from the community and submitted the list to the team for answering. Let’s take a look.

1. When will the game be released and on which blockchains?

It will be released on the OK Chain to begin with, and it is planned to be deployed on multiple chains in the future.
The game will launch its beta test at the end of October.

2. What is the use of our coin in the game? What can be done with it? Will there be cross chain transactions between the chains on which the game will be released?

INT token can be used to purchase hero NFTs, staking INT to earn in-game tokens and exclusive airdrop for INT holders, etc.
Considering safety and other problems, we don’t have a very good solution for cross-chain at present.

3. What is the marketing strategy so that the game can be marketed in the best possible way?
4. How will we reach the 100K users?

Combined questions 3 & 4:
Marketing is a big challenge and we will make a plan and execute it without compromise. The plan is as follows:

  1. Social media operations.
  2. We plan to do live game broadcasts within the gaming industry and related media channels.
  3. Operational activities such as rewards and interactive activities.
  4. Cooperate with some active Gamefi projects and KOLS.
    We would love to hear suggestions for promotion ideas from the community.

5. Will the game/smart contracts be audited by a company?

In line with mainstream practices within the Gamefi and NFT industries, we do not plan to open our game and NFT product source code so there will be no audit at this stage.

6. When will the new white paper and website be published?
7. What is the status of the integration on the cosmos chain?
8. What is the status with oracles? Are you in contact with any?
9. When will be the release of the new economic model?

Combined questions 6–9:
As our team is now focusing on the development of games and shared power banks, these have been put on hold and will be restarted when the game and power bank system development work is complete.

10. Have you already raised some funds from investors and crypto capitals or are you in contact with some?

Yes, this work is still in progress, we have raised some funds and we are trying to raise more.
This work will continue for some time during the bear market.

11. What is being done to make it profitable to run a node? The income just about covers the costs of the server at the moment

We are sorry about the current price of INT hardly covering the cost of node operations.
For that, we will airdrop in-game tokens and NFT for our node operators.

12. When do you expect more transactions/traffic on INT Chain?

Transaction volume will not increase until more applications are run on the INT Chain. Our team is currently developing games and IoT products, and in the future, with the development of the blockchain and IoT industries, we will strive to attract more products to be deployed on the INT Chain. When the INT ecosystem expands, the transaction volume will increase.

13. When the INT team thinks about getting serious with marketing seeing that they have two products around the corner and no one in the crypt space knows about that?
14. Are INT team really aware of the importance of Marketing or would it be better to consult a specialized external company to help launch the INT project?
15. The fastest and most impressive network in the world may have been built in INT, but if there is no marketing and nobody knows the product, what is the use of so much effort?
16. When do you plan to start marketing?
17. When are you going to hire a Public Relations manager to develop marketing strategies?

Combined questions 13–17:
Marketing and branding are important, but since it’s a bear market right now, we think is the time to build. We’d better focus on product development and secure our funding. Please be patient.

18. Is there a roadmap? Have you contacted a marketing company or do you plan to do so?
19. Can we get a new updated roadmap?

Combined questions 18 & 19:
We will update our roadmap this quarter, the new roadmap will include:
1)INT chain’s updates and development,
2)Gaming and IoT products,
3)Updated economic model.

20. What target markets do you have in mind to deploy the product?

East south Asia, Europe, Africa, and other regions that comply with relevant laws and regulations.

21. When will the power bank be released?
22. When will we see first pictures of the power bank?

Combined questions 21 & 22:
The product is ready and we are optimizing the software and economic model.
At present, the team is focused on game development. We will release the shared power bank products after our Gamefi products. The deployment is a big project, we’re going to raise funds for it.

23. Have you already any marketing partners for the powerbank?

We have not commenced working on this aspect of the project yet.