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Any person can download this Plugin from the official source and can be applied to their website. The main advantage of a web story is the ability to share it on any platform and can be watched through any of the web browsers. Since it is built on the AMP platform, the loading speed and performance is lightning fast. e below excellent) is enough to undermine the status of the store and prevent potential buyers from contacting it. Also, a score that is too low will lead to the application of sanctions by the arenas against the merchant. Therefore, the merchants do everything they can to satisfy the buyers and make them give the store as high a score as possible.

In this way the arenas gave enormous power to the buyers vis-à-vis the merchants and ensured courteous and high-quality service from the latter. Mediation - the trading arena itself is the factor to which the buyers turn Special Database in case of a problem with the seller. The policy of the arena management is “the customer is always right” and the strict and strict conditions of use allow its managers to take immediate measures against the seller and even block his account immediately and close his business in the arena. The four largest trading platforms in the world today are: eBay, AliExpress, Amazon and Etsy.

Amazon which began as an arena for purchasing books, has become the largest arena in the world over time, but positions itself as an arena for quality products and is based on a huge independent distribution system - that is, most of the goods go through Amazon’s warehouses, in contrast to the other trading arenas which do not deal with distribution at all. Etsy is the most differentiated trading arena among the four and focuses exclusively on the sale of original art objects - the creator is the seller.