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System is one of the areas where this technology is finding widespread use. Property problems are one of the problems that have never stopped causing conflicts, often with fatal consequences in Albania. In my opinion, the implementation of “Blockchain” in the Cadastre system definitively solves the problem with data integrity and categorically avoids the unauthorized modification of data by a system administrator, without leaving visible traces of the actions performed.

Of course, the implementation America Cell Phone Number List of Blockchain in the Cadastre makes sense if it is implemented properly, that is, to develop a private Blockchain and have at least - servers that serve to store blocks of information distributed in various government institutions. Although the implementation of this technology would bring many debates on the part of experts, in terms of system costs or performance there would be a significant reduction compared to the current system. We remind you that the main benefit is and will remain data integrity. Ukraine is one of the countries that have implemented this technology in the Cadastre system. While other countries are implementing this technology in the education system, in the storage of identity documents, in tracking the origin of food, etc.

The implementation of Blockchain also paves the way for the implementation of smart-contracts, where with the support of the appropriate legislation, individuals will be able to sell or transfer their properties without the need of a notary." - Rajdho concludes his opinion. Read: More than $ million stolen in latest crypto hackBut IT expert Remion Bacova has a completely opposite opinion to his two colleagues. According to him, the implementation of this technology is very expensive, hasty and does not solve property problems. He also asks some questions to clarify his position:"Blockchain is a new technology on distributed databases, where no data holder is considered the correct source